Dr. Agarwal’s Eye Hospital inaugurates its state-of-the-art eye care hospital 

Dr. Agarwal’s Eye Hospital, globally renowned pioneers in eye care since 1957, have opened their state-of-the-art hospital at Velachery, one of the fastest growing areas in Chennai, to cater to the discerning population there.

Popular actress Keerthy Suresh, who was the Chief Guest at the inaugural event, announced donating her eyes amid huge applause from other guests and audience. Prof. Amar Agarwal, Chairman, Dr Agarwal’s Group of Eye Hospitals, Dr. Ashar Agarwal, Head of Clinical Services, Dr. Agarwal’s Eye Hospital and others were present.

To mark the inaugural of their Velachery facility, Dr Agarwal’s Eye Hospital have announced that eye care surgeries will be performed completely free of cost to 100 persons below poverty line.

Speaking on the occasion, actress Keerthy Suresh said, “I am so happy to attend this event and to donate my eyes. Dr Agarwal’s Eye Hospital is a pioneer in eye care segment and they have many achievements and accolades to their credit. I am thankful to Dr Agarwal’s Eye Hospital for inviting me for the inaugural of their Velachery centre. I appreciate them for their graceful service in conducting free surgeries to 100 people.”

Heaping more laurels on Dr Agarwal’s Eye Hospital for striving for the best in eye care, she also urged for the cause of eye donation. “Donating eyes is a noble cause and we need more people to pledge their eyes to help create a positive change in someone’s life. I am sure that the experience and facilities here would add tremendous value to the people around.”

In his address, Prof. Amar Agarwal, Chairman, Dr Agarwal’s Group of Eye Hospitals said, “we feel it is our duty to extend and expand our services in areas where there is a demand for quality and complete eye care. Our Velachery hospital is a creation of this urge. Since 1957, with sincere passion for eye care, Agarwal Group of Eye Hospitals have been maintaining high international standards by getting the state-of-the-art equipment to provide complete eye care services under one roof.”

He added: “Around 80 percent of the visual impairment in India is either preventable or curable. However due to lack of awareness and accessibility to quality eye care which clutches the curable rate and causing most cases left untreated”.

In his message to the younger generation, he said, “Children face increasing vision problem due to new gadgets and digital electronic screens. The fluid water present in our eyes starts drying on over usage affecting the child’s vision. According to a recent study, visual impairment in preschool children will increase by 26 per cent affecting almost 2,20,00 children over the next 45 years.”

Dr. Ashar Agarwal, Head of Clinical Services, Dr. Agarwal’s Eye Hospital said, “It is with great pride we have opened our hospital in Velachery. While the rich can afford high quality eye care services, the poor can’t. Hence, to bridge the gap, we have decided to perform free eye surgeries to 100 people below poverty line. This is just a start and such gestures will continue.

While we have 15 branches across Chennai, our facility on Cathedral Road served as the hub for comprehensive eye care. With the incredible growth of the city, we noticed Velachery has become one of the fast-growing neighbourhoods. To cater to the needs of the residents, we decided to open another comprehensive eye care facility, a ONE STOP SHOP for eye-care, in Velachery. Now our patients from this expanding side of the city do not need to travel as much for any and every treatment necessary in the field of ophthalmology.

Velachery is also home to many IT professionals who need to keep a constant tab on the health of their vision, since they must constantly deal with computer screens for hours together on a daily basis. We are sure Dr Agarwal’s Eye Hospital in Velachery will be their trusted friend in taking care of their eyes.

Located at Old Survey No. 465/2, R.S. 465/8, Velachery Village, Guindy Taluk, 150 Feet Bypass Road, Velachery, Chennai – 600042 (Next to NAC Jewellers), the new hospital provides complete eye care services. Equipped with the latest equipment’s, the centre will provide patients with the best in eye care.

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