In a major milestone, Parvathy Hospital, Chennai, celebrated a rare case of achievement in achieving complete mobility to a 100 year old patient who underwent a Total Hip Replacement Procedure, enabling him to function independently for more than 4 years. The fully recovered centenarian celebrated his 100th birthday along with Orthopedic surgeons, staff & management at the hospital premises.
Back in 2014, Mr.Srikanthan fondly called srikanth thatha was admitted with a hip fracture, complaint at an age of 96. After diagnosis, he was advised for a total replacement surgery. Due to the age factor, the surgery sounded complication and had to be performed/dealt with care and caution. A better pain management and use of calcium replacement therapy/ uncemented implants facilitated for faster recovery. Now srikanth thatha has completely recovered and leads a high quality, independent life without any mobility support for past 4 years. He is considered as the most known senior survival of total hip replacement surgery.
Dr. S. Muthukumar, Chairman & Chief Orthopedic Surgeon, Parvathy Hospital said, “Patients need not be concerned for undergoing a hip replacement at their old age, especially at an age above 90. With support of new techniques and therapy, the age factor diminished to be the rule for performing such surgeries. There has been a rise in hip replacement numbers on aged population, but it is important to review the post-surgical success based on hospital stay, complications after surgery and readmission to the hospital. But a better committed lifestyle would lower the risk and complication.”
Dr. Mithun, Hip Replacement Surgeon, Parvathy Hospital said, “It is necessary to avoid confusion in coming up for hip replacement surgeries. The high end techniques, therapies, and with best facilities available here for orthopedic surgeries ensure patients for a faster recovery and rehabilitation. Over years, we have proven records of successfully treating geriatric patients, offering total orthopedic solutions which enabled them to function independently, live a happier and confident life.”
Orthopedists insist on patients to lead a quality lifestyle for better and faster recovery. Regular exercise, quitting smoking and alcohol and regular checkups would definitely assist in post-surgery rehabilitation.

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