Chennai, 14 Feb. 2020

  • Environest Global, promoted by a city based entrepreneur, P.K. Senthil Kumar, an MBA
    from U.K, has signed a memorandum of understanding to form a joint venture with the
    U.S. based Biopipe Global Corp, a wholly owned subsidiary of Lifequest World Corp to
    install patented onsite 100 per cent noiseless sludge free and odour free sewage waste
    treatment plant (STP) by various untapped users. According to Mr. Senthil Kumar, the company is adopting highly efficient Turkish
    technology by installing pre-fabricated indigenously assembled set even in small area. This would enable the user to avoid high cost installation of RCC structures to place STP
    unit. It will also enable easy maintenance, Mr. Senthil said. This STP is capable of
    delivering nearly equal to potable water which can be used for irrigation and cleaning
    purposes. Targets Rs. 100 cr. turnover
    Commenting on the scope of business, Mr. Senthil Kumar said Environest had
    chalked out a well laid plan to achieve a business of Rs. 100 crore in the first 3
    yearsby targeting various institutions, industries, hotels, hospitals, residential and
    Commercial complexes and Labour camps.
    “The company has already successfully installed a 30 Kilo litres per day (KLD) for
    Hotel Pratap Plaza, Chennai and a 20 KLD system for Hotel Darling Classic, Vellore.
    Negotiations are underway for setting up STP with Hotel Dolphin, Vizag, Ramoji
    Film City, Hyderabad, GRT group of hotels ,Pan India, Novel Tech Park, Bangalore
    and Vygyan University, Guntur which is expected to fructify in the coming months,”
    he added.
    With the encouragement for waste water management both by the Central and State
    Governments and more focus on protecting agricultural land, the company will not
    find any difficulty in mobilising capital besides his own contribution. The Finance
    Minister in her recent budget has allocated about Rs 2.3 lakh crore towards
    irrigation, rural development, and for processing waste water.
    The Indian market has immense potential. Ernst & Young (E&Y) study shows, there
    is scope for expansion of business to the tune of $130 billion by 2030. According
    national association of business economics (NABE), the world market for waste-
    water treatment plant is expected to rise from $62 billion in 2012 to about $112 billion
    by 2022. Wastewater management, in particular, is emerging as a key thrust area.
    Of which only about 60 per cent was tapped for industrial applications and 26 per
    cent for domestic STP, Mr. Senthil Kumar said.“As a responsible citizen of this planet, the main vision is to protect ground water by
    making the environment pollution free and the need of the hour is to reuse the waste
    water for various applications such as industrial, commercial and residential
    purposes especially during the time of drought to have uninterrupted agricultural
    cultivation”, Mr. Senthil said.
    “Environest is the first company to have this kind of technology in India. We develop
    and implement holistic solutions to improve resource efficient and create a social
    benefit. Environest’s vision is to create “a better tomorrow from today,” he added.
    “We are extremely pleased with Environest’s ability to not only overcome initial
    hurdles but also their ability to assemble, install and commission a plant with limited
    involvement from our side. We are now very confident that this will allow us to scale
    up our operations in a short span of time,” said Enes Kutluca, CEO, Biopipe.
    Acording to industry estimates, Indians on average use 120 to 125 litres (33 gallons)
    of water daily, about half of this are wastewater. By using treatment plant, the
    processed water has a potential to generate 940 MW power.
    The Planning Commission, in its 12th Five Year Plan, for the period ending in 2017,
    has said that an investment of $26.5 billion is required to provide safe water to all
    Indians. The wastewater treatment and the reuse will be the most exciting area for
    future growth.
    As per the data of UN, at least 1.8 billion people globally use contaminated water for
    drinking purposes, and more than 80 per cent of animal and human wastewater is
    directly discharged into rivers or the sea without eliminating the pollution content.
    For more information, visit https://www.LifeQuestCorp.com / http://www.biopipe.co
    and www.environestglobal.com

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