App which reveals our traditional 120 varieties of Keerai launches an Augmented Reality
App which reveals our traditional 120 varieties of
Keerai (Greens & Herbs) with their
Health benefits
 Introduces the all new ‘Greeny Crunch’- an innovative Spinach Cookies
 Adds 6 new exciting dip soups to the ‘Greeny Dip’ series of products, a Coimbatore based Agritech food
processing company and proud trailblazers in merging traditional greens with
modern technology to establish value added products, has now launched an
Augmented Reality (AR) App providing users an experience like never before!
The Keerai Kadai App now contains the benefits of 120 spinach/Keerai varieties
in English and Tamil that can simply be viewed on your mobile phone anywhere.
This new experience is the first ever “Digital Herbarium” dedicated specially for
edible greens to increase knowledge and awareness of Traditional greens and
herbs among people. Mr. Sriram Prasad G, CEO & Founder, Keerai Kadai Ventures Pvt Ltd. said, “Our
vision is to integrate ‘Tradition with Technology’ and create maximum
awareness of nutritious greens among the society. It is easy through our AR
APP as most people are familiar with using mobile phones. The App usage is very
simple –Download the Keerai Kadai App, from another device open the ‘SCAN ME’
page on our website (, choose an image of your choice and
simply click ‘SCAN AR Image’ option from the App. The magic of AR shows the
benefits of the Keerai of your choice! Our goal in the near future is to introduce
500+ Keerai varieties and provide such valuable information to the public”. “Greeny Crunch”, a unique snack option has also been launched. An innovative
Spinach Cookies from Keerai Kadai is chemical free and only contains plant-based
additives. Greeny Crunch is now available in six lip smacking variants – Vallarai
Choco chip, Aavarampoo Choco chip, Ashwagandha Almond, Guava Coconut,
Insulin Spinach and Tulsi with a shelf life of 6 months. These cookies are made
from Non-GMO (Non – Genetically Modified foods) ingredients and are safe to be
consumed right from children to the elderly. They are carefully baked in hygienic
facilities to provide quality snack range.
After an overwhelming response and a positive reach nationally and internationally
for “Greeny Dip”, a preservative-free greens-based Dip soup product, Keerai Kadai
now comes-up with six more exciting new flavours of the nutrition-rich Dip

Soups – Avaarampoo, Adathoda, Punarnava, Amla, Guava Leaf and Plantain
stem that are economical, easy to carry, only requires 120ml hot water and ready in
1 minute! These delicious soups are NABL lab tested and Clinical Nutritionist
approved for quality and nutritional value and can be consumed by anyone above
the age of 3. Already existing six variants in the Greeny Dip Series of products
include Moringa, Moringa Turmeric, Ashwagandha, Thoothuvalai, Balloon vine,
Brahmi. “Our goal is to re-introduce the forgotten Traditional Food of high nutrition
value to our customers by procuring the requisites directly from farmers. We
are looking forward to launch 100+ value added products very soon and deliver
greens-based nutrition akin to paper and milk at your doorstep” says Mr. Sriram
Prasad G. Please feel free to Download our Keerai Kadai App for an exciting experience and try
the newly launched unique spinach-based products by the company.

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