EMO Hannover 2017 once again a trend forum for production technology

Chennai, 24 January 2017; 2017 is an EMO year. The world’s premier trade fair

for the metalworking sector will be held in Hanover from 18th to 23rd

September 2017, announced key speakers Mr. Christoph Miller, Managing Director

EMO Hannover at VDW, Frankfurt, and Dr. Andreas Gruchow, Member of the Board,

Deutsche Messe AG, at a press conference in Chennai. The trade fair showcases

the trends and innovations in the field of production technology.

EMO Hannover is being organised by the VDW (German Machine Tool Builders’

Association), Frankfurt am Main, Germany, on behalf of the European Association of

the Machine Tool Industries (CECIMO) from Brussels, Belgium, and in conjunction

with the trade fair hosting company Deutsche Messe AG, Hanover, Germany. VDW

is one of the few sectoral organisations that holds international trade fairs on its own

account for the segment it represents.

EMO Hannover scores highly in terms of the sheer size, internationality and the

number of innovations. Over 1,700 firms from 40 different countries have signed up

for this year’s trade fair, with more than 150,000 square metres of net exhibition

area. There are over 400 exhibitors from Asia alone. “The current registration status

is significantly above the comparable figure for the previous event,” says Miller,

Trade Fair Director, VDW.

The trade fair aims to engage in the discourse of manufacturing production

technology from all over the world, showing what solutions exist for generating

maximised customer benefits from the digitisation and networking of production

operations. It also aims to improve the competitiveness of machine tool vendors with

new solutions.

“The EMO Hannover is not only the most important meeting point for all players in

the metalworking sector, both manufacturers and users. It is traditionally seen as an

innovation forum and a trend-setter as it addresses important issues in the world of

metalworking, and drives them forward,” Miller says. A wide and varied supporting

programme will take place this year, addressing technical and commercial issues.

The paramount topics of discussion in the international world of production

technology are digitisation and networking as the EMO’s motto communicates.

Mechanical sturdiness, dependable components, reliable machinery control systems,

plus intelligent process design and control—these are the foundations for quality,

productivity and cost-efficient manufacturing. A broad spectrum of different machines

for this purpose will be showcased at the EMO Hannover as well as classical

performance features to approaches for new capabilities.

‘India Day’ at the EMO Hannover 2017

Currently, India is the only BRIC nation to report significant growth in industrial

production output and capital investment. In the machine tool industry, the country

ranks 8th among the world’s largest markets, with a volume of most recently 1.6

billion euros in 2015, which corresponds to a growth rate of 7 per cent when

calculated in euros.

The EMO Hannover 2017 will focus on this attractive, high-potential market. The

“India Day” on 20th September 2017 will feature reports exclusively from Indian

experts, including representatives of the machine tool federation IATMA.

Representatives from Indian user sectors will be addressing technical and

commercial trends from the automotive and aviation industries.

India’s economy is targeting growth

India’s economy is currently growing faster than other industrial countries. The

manufacturing sector contributes only 15 per cent to the nation’s GDP and hence

there is enormous potential for growth. The Union government aims to upsize the

reserves with its “Make in India” campaign, and with the aid of capital investment

from abroad.

India also produces its own machine tools. With 622 million euros in 2015, the

country ranks 12 th among the most important manufacturing nations. Indian

exhibitors have already registered for the EMO Hannover 2017, keen to showcase

their range of machinery for high-ranking international production experts from the

global elite. Companies participating include Jyoti, ACE Designers, Forbes &

Company, and many more.

“Indian manufacturers need comprehensive information on new solutions for

their production operations. Exhibitors at the EMO Hannover 2017 will include

representatives from all important vendor nations for India’s industrial sector,” says

Christoph Miller of the VDW. On 20th September 2017, experts will be reporting on

technical and commercial trends in India and mapping out the resultant challenges

for production technology. The EMO Hannover 2017 will provide numerous specific

stimuli for the practical use of new solutions meeting every need, under widely

varying preconditions.

EMO Hannover 2017 – the world’s premier trade fair for the metalworking sector

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