Meghalaya gears up to ease Traffic congestion

The Superintendent of Police, East Khasi Hills District, Shillong has informed that Hopkinson Road, Jacob’s Ladder and Boyce Road will be opened in reverse direction, i.e. “No Entry” from Don Bosco towards St. Stephan Hall and Jacob’s Ladder Road.

All vehicles will be plying in reverse order from Lower Lachumiere near DIPR towards Hopkinson Road and exit at Don Bosco Square. Vehicles coming from St. Anthony’s College can climb up Jacob’s Ladder Road and exit at Don Bosco.

“No Entry” at Shillong Commerce College towards St. Mary’s College and all vehicles will exit from Don Bosco Square towards St. Mary’s College – Shillong College – Shillong Commerce College through Boyce Road.

Vehicle coming from Laitumkhrah and Upland Road can exit through Don Bosco Square – St. Mary’s College – Shillong Commerce College Road.

There will be “NO RIGHT TURN” for vehicles coming through Jacob’s Ladder Road and Hopkinson Road towards Dhankheti and all vehicles will have to proceed straight towards Laitumkhrah.

All vehicles coming from B. K. Bajoria side and wanting to go to Laitumkhrah will have to use the Jacob’s Ladder Road to Don Bosco.

The aim is to reduce the traffic congestion between Raj Bhavan – Lower Lachumiere – Barik – Malki – Dhankheti areas and open the link roads which have not been put to full use.

In view of the necessity and in the interest of public safety and convenience, the traffic restrictions on the above mentioned roads has been imposed with immediate effect from 8th February, 2017.

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