Himalaya’s ‘Chennai Ponnu’ Campaign Celebrates the Spirit of today’s Chennai Girl

Chennai, 24 th April 2017: The Himalaya Drug Company, India’s leading wellness brand

launched the “Chennai Ponnu” (Chennai Girl) campaign for its flagship product Himalaya

Purifying Neem Face Wash. The campaign aims to celebrate the spirit of the Chennai girl and

captures her essence in a fun and peppy music video.

Today’s Chennai girl has evolved in many ways, from her dressing style, grooming, eating to

her beauty preferences, yet she enjoys her culture equally. The music video brings out this

message beautifully, telling the story of the Chennai Ponnu through relatable experiences.

Sharing his perspective on the campaign, Rahul Panchal, Marketing Manager, The Himalaya

Drug Company said “Tamil Nadu is a unique market and the way consumers across states

are evolving, there has been a huge shift in consumer behavior here as well. Our regular

interaction with the consumers in Chennai highlighted that young girls in the city have

changed in several ways. While they are confident, independent and modern, they still

continue to enjoy the rich culture of Chennai, be it the local food, music, dance or movies.

Through our Chennai Ponnu music video, we are celebrating the amazing spirit of the

Chennai girl in a fun and light-hearted way, while also capturing the local flavor of the city

she loves and how it enriches her unique personality. This also happens to be Himalaya’s

first big ticket region-centric campaign. While we will be launching more regional campaigns

through the year, we’re really excited to start off with the vibrant city of Chennai!”

Speaking more about the campaign, Hemang Vasani, Category Manager, Face Care at The

Himalaya Drug Company said, “As a brand, Himalaya Purifying Neem Face Wash speaks to

young girls and helps them tackle their pimple problems. Our TVC communication centers

on the brand taking care of the teenagers’ skin troubles, especially pimples, giving her the

confidence to enjoy life. With the Chennai Ponnu campaign, we wanted to further build on

this communication by showcasing the energy, enthusiasm and confidence that today’s

Chennai Girl has, in a peppy music video. Girls in Chennai are modern yet they are proud of

their local culture and traditions, similar to our product Purifying Neem Face Wash, which is

a contemporary product blended with traditional herbs like Neem and Turmeric.”

“In the film also, we’ve subtly integrated the message that the Chennai Girl uses a product

that works best for her skin. The song is catchy with a signature dance step that girls will

relate to and really enjoy,” he added.

"When the brief first came to us, the brand was definite that they wanted an upbeat,

contemporary film around the "Chennai Girl". So we had to develop a script that captured

the essence of the "Chennai girl" who’s modern and at the same time loves her traditional

culture. After balling up many ideas, we finally arrived at a musical. It was one of the most

testing yet exciting films we have brought to life." Said, Rahul Bharti, Director, Roadrunner


Himalaya will tap the digital medium to promote this campaign, which will be rolled out

across its social media properties including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram. In

addition, creative tie-ups with a music platform and influencers will further amplify the


The music for Chennai Ponnu has been composed by famous composer Prashant Pillai, who

has captured the local energy of Chennai in a catchy, feet-tapping melody. The quirky lyrics

are written by Amrit Rao while the choreography is done by Bollywood choreographer Adil

Shaikh, famous for his work for Bajrangi Bhaijaan, Kapoor & Sons, etc.

About The Himalaya Drug Company:

In 1930, a young visionary by the name of Mr. M. Manal foresaw the benefits of herbal

remedies while riding through the forests of Burma. After diligently researching the science

of the traditional field of Ayurveda, he decided to dedicate his life creating products that

would improve millions of lives across the world. Today, with a history spanning more than

eight decades in herbal research, Himalaya has positioned itself as a brand that cares about

not only enriching people’s lives but also the environment. With their ‘head to heel’ range

of products Himalaya aims to provide a holistic solution to everyday ailments that affect our


Seeped in a legacy of researching nature, Himalaya has successfully been able to harness the

science of Ayurveda through cutting-edge research to become a brand that is safe, gentle

and trustworthy.

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