Himalaya forays into mom and baby retails with its first exclusive ‘moms and babies’ shop

Himalaya BabyCare, a leading homegrown BabyCare brand from The Himalaya Drug Company, today

announced the launch of its first exclusive shop in Jayanagar, Bengaluru, for moms and babies. The first-of- its-

kind shop offers a complete range of Himalaya BabyCare and Himalaya FOR MOMS products that are herbal,

safe, and gentle.

The newly launched shop will consist of 100 SKUs of entire product range of Himalaya FOR MOMS and

BabyCare such as toning massage oil, soothing body butter, nipple care cream, and anti rash cream, baby

lotion, baby cream, gentle baby shampoo, all variants of baby soaps, prickly heat baby powder, baby massage

oil, gentle baby bath, diapers and diaper rash cream, wipes, and all gift packs.

Speaking on the launch of Himalaya Moms and Babies Shop, Mr. N V. Chakravarthi, General

Manager, Himalaya BabyCare said, “It has been our constant effort to provide people with a better quality of

life through wellness. With the launch of Himalaya’s exclusive shop for moms and babies, we will be able to

create visibility as well as provide easy and convenient access to Himalaya BabyCare & FOR MOMS products

under one roof. Currently, we are present in chemist, modern trade outlets, Himalaya retail outlets and e-

commerce. Being the second leading BabyCare brand in India we wanted to further expand our footprint by

launching our own exclusive outlet.”

“We intend to provide customer delight in our exclusive shop by offering consultations and antenatal classes. In

addition to this, we also hope to provide zones such as diaper changing units and breastfeeding rooms”, added

Mr. Chakravarthi.

Growing health consciousness and awareness of herbal baby care products has fueled the growth of the

mother care and baby care market in India. There is a trend in tier I and tier II cities where young parents invest

time to understand the benefits of products that they use on their babies. Himalayamoms and babies shop will

provide a platform for parents to understand the importance of Ayurveda, power of herbs, and the advantages

of natural, gentle and safe baby care and mother care products.

You may visit the shop at:

Ground Floor, Shop No 1, SGR Complex, 10 th  Main, 4 th  Block, Jayanagar, Bangalore 560011

About Himalaya Baby Care:

Himalay`a BabyCare products are enriched with 100% herbal actives and use the science of herbs to give you

products that are effective, gentle and mild on your baby’s skin.

Himalaya FOR MOMS:

Himalaya FOR MOMS is a range of solutions enriched with herbs and is safe for your use without any effect on

your baby. It’s Himalaya’s promise to make your journey through motherhood more healthier, smoother and


About The Himalaya Drug Company:

In 1930, a young visionary by the name of Mr M. Manal foresaw the benefits of herbal remedies while riding

through the forests of Burma. After diligently researching the science of the traditional field of Ayurveda, he

decided to dedicate his life creating products that would improve millions of lives across the world. Today, with

a history spanning more than eight decades in herbal research, Himalaya has positioned itself as a brand that

cares about not only enriching people’s lives but also the environment. With their ‘head to heel’ range of

products Himalaya aims to provide a holistic solution to everyday ailments that affect our bodies. Seeped in a

legacy of researching nature, Himalaya has successfully been able to harness the science of Ayurveda through

cutting-edge research to become a brand that is safe, gentle and trustworthy.

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