James Cook University (JCU) Education Fair at Chennai

Chennai, 9 th May 2017: James Cook University held a road show for prospective

international students to gain knowledge on the university and the programs offered

thereby allowing the candidates to directly engage with the university.

The objective of the program is

  1. Increase Market Presence

  2. Building relationship with the educational community

  3. Evaluate quality applicants

  4. Letter of Offer and student contract issued immediately

The program helped connect the prospective students with the academic staff and

university registrar through an interview process. The students were taken through

presentations that gave a better understanding about the campus life also showcased their

sample lectures which aimed at collaborative learning, thus guiding the students in

applying for admission.


  1. Application fee waiver of S$250 (applicable for Singapore Campus)
  2. Meet with Academic Staff

  3. Admission Confirmation through Registrar Team

  4. Registration opens for Pre-Departure session

Target Audience:

  1. Prospects who completed their studies in 2015-2016 (70%)

  2. Final Year College Students (20%)

  3. Final year School Students (10%)

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