Amway India partners with Samarthanam Trust for the disabled to set-up Braille-Audio Library in Chennai

Chennai, May 13, 2017 – Amway Indiain association with Samarthanam Trust for the Disabled

have set up a Braille & Audio library located at Samarthanam Trust for Disabled, Plot no 120,

Shri Bhuvaneshwari Nagar, 1 st main road, Velachery, Chennai. The Braille & Audio library was

inaugurated by well-known Actress & Writer Ms. Suhasini Maniratnam, and Mr. Rajeev

Dasgupta Vice President Manufacturing & Projects, Amway India.

The objective of setting up this library is to ensure easy access to braille books, besides which

the initiative also aims at encouraging braille reading and writing amongst the visually impaired

students helping them in building language proficiency. This library will cater to the individuals

across age groups, who otherwise have limited access to books. The library, as of now, is

stacked with over 200 books including academic books, fiction, self-help, general knowledge

etc. Besides Braille books, the library also provides an MP3 player facilitating the usage of books

in the audio format.


Speaking on the occasion, Ms. Suhasini Maniratnam, Actress & Writer, said, “I am happy to be

associated with this project of Amway. I know many home makers who have turned into

entrepreneurs thanks to Amway. I am delighted to hear about this library. Any library is a

great service and this one which is a braille library is a much better and noble cause. All of us,so

called good samaritans live in our cocoons. But initiatives like this make us open our hearts mind

and vision into other spectrums of the society that are disadvantaged. As a trustee of Naam

foundation, I am ready to lend my personal and 20 coaches and the 200 odd single women from

Naam and all our supports to endeavors such as this one. I am eager to visit Amway’s Dindugal

project as well where a lot of rural development and empowerment plans are underway. Thank

you for inviting me to be part of today’s event.”

Talking about the initiative, Mr.Rajeev Dasgupta, Vice President, Manufacturing & Projects,

Amway India said, “We have been working tirelessly towards the welfare of the visually

impaired with a firm belief that education and knowledge is the key to the future that create

opportunities transcending physical limitations. A Braille library is a key component of that

strategy.  This year alone we have supported opening of 32 braille libraries across the country,

which are expected to benefit more than 11,000 visually impaired individuals. We are delighted

to have partnered with Samarthanam Trust for helping us set up Braille libraries in South India.”


“Digital Book Library, started in 2008, is aimed at making education accessible for the print-

disabled including visually impaired, dyslexic children and those with verbal processing

difficulties. The main idea of the centre is to smoothen the education for visually impaired kids

who have to go from pillar to post to get their books read,” says Mahantesh, Founder

Managing Trustee, Samarthanam Trust for the disabled. “We are extremely happy to associate

with Amway India for this venture” added Mahantesh.

Amway India’s CSR initiatives

Amway India’s CSR initiatives are based on the belief that social responsibility is much more

than the incurrence of a cost or a resource on a charitable/ philanthropic act of social benefit. It

is an opportunity to bring in social innovation and change. This belief is articulated in Amway’s

vision of helping people live better lives. When it comes to commitment to corporate

citizenship, Amway India makes a serious and concentrated effort to reach out and help people

improve their lives.

Amway India supports a comprehensive CSR programme covering a gamut of initiatives

including a water conservation project to improve the ground water level in 7 villages in the

Dindigul district located around the manufacturing plant.  Amway launched a village health

program targeted at 26 villages in the Dindigul district, to provide quality healthcare to the

underprivileged.  A total of 144 health check-up camps (12 camps in a month) are being

conducted within a span of 12 months.   The treatment includes general health check-up, select

pathological tests and medicines at zero cost to the beneficiaries.

As a key focus area, Amway has taken various initiatives to support the cause of visually

impaired.   Amway also supports underprivileged children in education, health and hygiene

under a project titled ‘Sunrise’. Under this project, Amway currently supports more than 15 NGOs across the country.

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