Naval Group exhibits at DEFEXPO 2018

Naval Group exhibits at DEFEXPO 2018
From 11th to 14th April, Naval Group will participate to the tenth edition of DEFEXPO, the Land,
Naval & Internal Homeland Security Systems Exhibition of India, Naval Group will showcase the
state-of-art innovations created for modern navies at the their booth, demonstrating its
capabilities in modern ship and submarine building along with high tech solutions for systems
and competence as leading naval integrator. The successful efforts in building industrial
partnerships with Indian shipyards and industry will be showcased.

A long-lasting industrial cooperation between Naval Group and India
Naval Group in Indian created in 2008 as 100% owned subsidiary of the group is live example of our
dedication within the country. This long-term partnership has only matured through long term,
sustainable industrial cooperation and technology transfers. Naval Group’s activities are synced with the
‘Make in India’ policy of the Indian Government. The P75 program is an illustration of the successful
indigenisation process where the first submarine of the class INS Kalvari was commissioned during end
of last year. On January 31st 2018, the third made-in-India SCORPENE®-class submarine, the Karanj,

was launched in Mumbai, highlighting the empowerment of the Indian Navy toward complete self-

Alain Guillou, Executive Vice President said: “Naval Group is pleased to present its latest innovations at
this premier event. Our know-how is the result of our large investment in Research & Development
(10% of annual revenues). Our sea-proven technologies benefit from the vast feedback from different
navies including that of the French Navy and offers superior and adapted technologies to our customers.
Our trained and talented Indian teams at the subsidiary are motivated to serve for the Indian business as
well as being integrated in the international projects of the group.”
Naval Group presents its leading technologies at DEFEXPO
Naval Group will attend DEFEXPO in Chennai from 11th to 14th April. This event will gather companies
from 42 countries and constitutes an opportunity for the European leader of naval defence to showcase
its cutting-edge technologies including:
Scorpene®: The SCORPENE® is a 2000 tons conventional-propulsion submarine designed and developed

by Naval Group for all types of mission, such as surface vessel warfare, anti-submarine warfare, long-
range strikes, special operations or intelligence gathering. Extremely stealthy and fast, it is equipped by

6 weapon launching tubes, 18 weapons (torpedoes, missiles, mines). 14 submarines were sold by Naval
Group internationally; the SCORPENE® is an essential reference product in the area of modern
conventional attack submarines (SSK) for navies across the globe. Six Scorpene class submarines are

Naval Group, 40 – 42, rue du Docteur Finlay 75732 Paris Cedex 15 – Tel.: + 33 (0)1 40 59 55 69 –
currently manufactured at Mazagon Dock Shipbuilders Limited (MDL) for the Indian Navy with transfer of
technology from Naval Group.
Barracuda: Naval Group designs and builds the Barracuda, a state of the art and latest generation of
strategic submarine for the French Navy dedicated to deal with an ever-growing array of challenges.
Through the Australia Future Program, Naval Group will contribute to the delivery of 12 conventionally
powered submarines, whose design is derived from Barracuda type submarines.
Belh@rra: This combat and crisis management frigate empowers modern navies wanting to adapt to the
digitization of the warfare. Ensuring naval supremacy, this compact frigate performs all the operations

conducted by large surface vessels with increased precision and high level capabilities in anti-air, anti-
surface, anti-submarine and asymmetric warfare domains.

Aircraft Carrier: Our latest design of aircraft carrier is equipped with the latest generation of combat
systems and deploys an on-board aircraft group (up to 40 aircraft). Its advanced conventional propulsion
system allows the optimization of replenishment frequency and ensures a permanent presence at sea
within an air-sea group. The crew is adjusted to the actual need thanks to a reasonable level of
automation. Through-life support costs are reduced. The catapult aircraft carrier is compatible with
most modern carrier-based aircraft (Rafale, F-18, E2C C/D…).
F21 Heavy Weight Torpedo: The need for having unparalleled performances, while fulfilling the highest
enhanced safety rules and standards for French nuclear submarine program resulted in the
development of a totally new F-21 Heavy Weight Torpedo by the French Navy. The F-21 Heavy Weight
Torpedo development successfully integrates the mastery of aluminium silver oxide technology which
allows the torpedo to enjoy higher range and maximum available speed, making it a much more lethal
weapon than other available torpedoes. At the same time, its most important and salient feature is that
of safety i.e. designed to never explode on-board a submarine even in case of platform being on fire,
itself being dropped, or being fired accidentally. Naval Group as a manufacturer, integrator as well as
developer of advanced combat management systems of these torpedoes, also undertakes the complex
task of seamless integration of this torpedo on-board the Scorpene® submarines.

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