ELDIA PURE COCONUT OIL PRESENTS “Valentunes 2020” – A unique Singing Competition

Chennai, 15th Feb 2020, Citi Centre, Mylapore was filled with enthusiastic women & men dressed in red to celebrate Valentines day. Eldia Pure Coconut Oil & Iris events presented a unique singing competition “Valentunes 2020” aimed at young adults, college students & working professionals. This event was organised to identify and bring to light musical talent and provide them an opportunity to pursue their dreams.

Eldia pure coconut oil is a result of handpicked and finest crushed in the most hygienic of environmental and packed with utmost care. Most exciting, foot-tapping and memorable event to celebrate Valentine’s Day
Valentunes – 2020.

10th edition of Valentunes saw more than 800 participants who enrolled for the auditions held at few colleges & at Citi Centre during the first week of Feb 2020. 60 of them made it to the semi finals .The quality of the performances were remarkable with 18 contestants making it to the final stage.

The finalists performed to the tunes played by live band. VALENTINES – Thematic fashion show was hosted by students of Iris Glam powered by Naturals. Singer Jayadev enthralled the audience with a Tamil medley.

The event had 3 categories Miss Valentunes (for girls & women), Mr valentunes (for Boys & Men) & Duet round for pairs

The event was well attended by celebrities and received popular acclaim from the public. Special Guest and Jury were Inspiring Ilango, Director Raja Pallavi Raja, Singers Jaya Dev, Satrangi Promod & Kamalaja. The event provided an ideal platform for closet singers to come out in the open, dazzle the audience and walked away with fabulous prizes, fame and stardom.

Winners won excellent prizes and awards, The winners of the evening

ELDIA PURE COCONUT OIL Miss Valnetune – Ms Abhinaya, (IT professional) Nikita (Student of Ethiraj) & Lohawani (IT Professional from TCS)
ELDIA PURE COCONUT OIL Mr Valnetune – Mr Manoj,Jayaraj & Balasubramanian – all the three are working professionals


ELDIA PURE COCONUT OIL – Creative Jingle round

Citi centre was the hospitality Partner. Associate partners – Arun Excello who gave away gift vouchers of Rs 50000 for booking a flat & Studio Homz Gift vouchers worth 1,00,000 to the winners, Lenco watches & awards for all the winners. Hariththarang was the green partner. The event was conducted in aid of ARK INDIA SOCIETY, The event was conceptualised and organised by IRIS EVENTS.

Macro Brain Abacus, Chennal organised a competition for school students by name GENIUS CONTEST on




Macro Brain Abacus, Chennal organised a competition for school students by name GENIUS CONTEST on

15.02.2020 at Balamurugan Hall, Madavaram. More than 1000 students from schools in various districts participants in the event. The event was presided over by guests Mr S Jaffar Hussain, Managing Director, New Star City

Mr A. Sanjai Babu, Founder, Wellness Pharmacy

Mr Balakrishnan Srinivasan, Advocate Ex-Secretary, Law Association, Madras High Court Bullding

Mr C. Raju B.Sc., PGDMM, M.B.A, CO – Founder, Vibhu Healthcare LLP

Dr Lakshmi Rajaram, UMSM President, Freedom Fighter Daughter

S.Mohana, Kalam TV

Mr Velayutham, B.E

See green cosmetics private limited, Chennai

Mr G. Edwin, B,Com.DFA

Regional Manager,

Himalaya drug company pharmaceutical divislon

The students exhibited their talents in various subjects such as Abacus, Handwriting, Drawing, Arts and Crafts and Essay writing.

Vote of thanks given by Ms.VIJAYALAKSHMI, CEO,

Macro Brain Abacus.

தமிழ்நாடு ஆசிரியர் சங்கம் மாநில நிருவாகிகளின் அவசரக் கூட்டம்




தமிழ்நாடு ஆசிரியர் சங்கம் மாநில நிருவாகிகளின் அவசரக் கூட்டம்

பள்ளிக் கல்வித்துறையில் பணிபுரியும் ஒருங்கிணைந்த கல்வித் திட்டத்தின் தொகுப்பூதிய பணியாளர்களுக்கு சம வேலைக்கு சம ஊதியம் என்ற அடிப்படையில் ஊதியம் வழங்கிட மாநிலத் திட்ட இயக்குநர் (ss) , தமிழ்நாடு பள்ளிக் கல்வித்துறை மற்றும் தமிழக அரசுக்கு கோரிக்கை,

1. பள்ளிக்கல்வித் துறையில் ஒருங்கிணைந்த கல்வித் திட்டத்தின் தொகுப்பூதியத்தில் பணிபுரியும் கணக்கு மேலாளர் . கணக்காளர்கள் மற்றும் கணினி விவரப் பதிவாளர் ஆகியோர்களுக்கு தற்போது வழங்கப்படுகின்ற மிக குறைந்த மாத ஊதியத்தை மாற்றி மத்திய அரசின் மனிதவள மேம்பாட்டுத்துறை நிர்ணயம் செய்யும் ஊதியத்தை புதுப்பித்து அவ்வூதியத்தை வழங்கிட வேண்டும்.

.2 . மாநிலம் , மாவட்டம் மற்றும் வட்டார வள மைய அளவில் பணிபுரிந்து வரும் கணக்காளர்கள் மற்றும் கணினி விவரப் பதிவாளர் ஆகியோர்களுக்கு கடந்த 2016 முதல் 2019 வரை மத்திய அரசின் மனிதவள மேம்பாட்டுத் துறையின் திட்ட ஒப்புதல் வாரியம் நிர்ணயம் செய்யப்பட்ட மாத ஊதியத்தினை கடந்த 3 ஆண்டுகளாக வழங்கப்படவில்லை . எனவே நிலுவையிலுள்ள ஊதிய உயர்வுத் தொகையை உடனே வழங்கிட வேண்டும் .

3 . 2020 – 21ம் ஆண்டுத் திட்ட பட்ஜெட்டில் கணக்கு மேலாளர் , கணக்காளர்கள் மற்றும் கணினி விவரப் பதிவாளர் ஆகியோர்களுக்கு மாத ஊதியத்திற்கான நிதியை கல்வித் தகுதி , பணி நிலை மற்றும் தென்னிந்திய மாநிலங்களான ஆந்திரா , கர்நாடகா , கேரளா மற்றும் பிற மாநிலங்களில் ஊதியம் வழங்குவதைப் போல தமிழ்நாடு ஒருங்கிணைந்த கல்வித் திட்டத்தின் தொகுப்பூதியத்தில் பணிபுரியும் பணியாளர்களுக்கும் உயர்த்தி வழங்கிட வேண்டும்

4 . இத்திட்டத்தில் 2015ஆம் ஆண்டு பணியமர்த்தப்பட்ட கணினி விவரப் பதிவாளர்கள் மற்றும் கணக்காளர்களுக்கு பணியில் சேர்ந்த நாள் முதல் இதுநாள் வரை எந்தவித ஊதிய உயர்வும் வழங்கப்படவில்லை . எனவே , இவர்களின் நிலையைக் கருத்தில்கொண்டு ஊதிய உயர்வு உடனடியாக கிடைத்திட வழிவகை செய்யுமாறு கேட்டுக்கொள்கிறேன்

5 . பள்ளிக்கல்வித் துறையில் பணிபுரியும் ஒருங்கிணைந்த கல்வித் திட்டத்தின் தொகுப்பூதிய அடிப்படையில் பணி செய்துவரும் கணக்கு மேலாளர் , கணக்காளர்கள் , கணினி விவரப் பதிவாளர் மற்றும் அலுவலக உதவியாளர்கள் உட்பட ஏறக்குறைய 1517 பணியாளர்களுக்கு இவர்களின் வாழ்வாதாரத்தைக் கருத்தில்கொண்டு நிரந்தர பணியாளர்களின் ஊதியத்திற்கு இணையான காலமுறை ஊதியம் வரன்முறை செய்து , பணிநிரந்தரம் செய்ய ஆவண செய்யுமாறு தமிழக அரசைக் கேட்டுக்கொள்கிறேன்

பி.கே. இளமாறன்
மாநிலத் தலைவர், தமிழ்நாடு ஆசிரியர் சங்கம்.

ரெலா மருத்துவமனை மூதாட்டி ஒருவருக்கு அறுவை சிகிச்சை மூலம் மாற்றுக் கல்லீரல் பொருத்தி தனியார் மருத்துவமனை அசத்தல்

செங்குன்றம் அடுத்த பாடிய நல்லூரில் ரெலா இன்ஸ்டியூட் மற்றும் எம்.எஸ் மருத்துவமனையின் சாதனை திருவள்ளூர் மாவட்டம் செங்குன்றம் அடுத்த பாடியநல்லூரில் ரெலா இன்ஸ்டியூட் மற்றும் எம்.எஸ் மருத்துவமனையில் மூளை சாவு அடைந்த ஒருவர் உடலிலிருந்து எடுத்த கல்லீரலை மூதாட்டி ஒருவருக்கு அறுவை சிகிச்சை மூலம் மாற்றுக் கல்லீரல் பொருத்தி தனியார் மருத்துவமனை அசத்தல்,

இந்த மருத்துவமனையில் கல்லீரல் நோயால் பாதிக்கப்பட்ட திருச்சியைச் சேர்ந்த ஈஸ்வரி என்ற 67 வயது மூதாட்டி ஒருவர் அனுமதிக்கப்பட்டிருந்தார். இவருக்கு மூளை சாவால் இறந்த ஒருவரின் கல்லீரலை தானமாக பெற்று பிரபல மருத்துவர் முகமது ரெலா தலைமையிலான ஒன்பது பேர் கொண்ட மருத்துவ குழுவினர் கடந்த ஆண்டு டிசம்பர் 7ஆம் தேதி அறுவை சிகிச்சை மூலம் மாற்று கல்லீரலை பொருத்தினர் இதன் மூலம் தற்போது மூதாட்டி ஈஸ்வரி பூரண நலத்துடன் இருப்பதாக தெரிவித்த மருத்துவர்கள் வடசென்னை பகுதியில் தனியார் மருத்துவமனை ஒன்றில் கல்லீரல் மாற்று அறுவை சிகிச்சை நடைபெற்றது இதுவே முதல் முறை என செய்தியாளர்களிடம் தெரிவித்தார்,

PediSTARS along with Rainbow Children’s Hospital, Chennai



PediSTARS along with Rainbow Children’s Hospital, Chennai presents SIMULUS 5 – the 5th Annual Conference of PediaSTARS on Medial Simulation from 6th February to 11th February 2020.

PediSTARS along with Rainbow Children’s Hospital, Chennai presented SIMULUS 5 – the 5th Annual Conference of PediaSTARS on Medical Simulation from 6th February to 11th February 2020.

The conference was inaugurated on 8th February 2020 by Dr. Abhijat Sheth, President of National Board of Examination, India. Dr. Dinesh Chirla – Director of Rainbow group of Hospitals, Dr. Rakshay Shetty – PediSTARS President were also present in the Inauguration.

SIMULUS 5 is jointly organized by PediSTAR & Rainbow Children’ Hospitals S in Chennai. Simulation is basically done to create real life scenarios and encourage students to learn. As a part of SIMULUS 5, Five workshops are planned across major hospitals of the city including Rainbow Children’s Hospital, Chennai. The Simulus 5 is attended by International Faculties from across the world, renowned National Faculties & attended by 400 delegates.

PediSTARS (Pediatric Simulation Training and Research Society of India) has a key role in taking forward simulation based interventions in pediatric health care. PediSTARS took forward its agenda of promoting the use of simulation by conducting various workshops, conferences in different parts of the country along with International Pediatric Simulation Society (IPSS)

Rainbow Children’ Hospitals is a leading group of Children’s hospitals with 20 years of experience offering high standards of Perinatal Care and Paediatric Super Speciality services, with 12 units spread over Chennai, Delhi, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Vijayawada and 3 upcoming units. Rainbow children Hospital is actively involved in medical education and spreading Simulation across the country.

ASUS Announces ASUS Exclusive Store launch, Today



2020: Technology giant ASUS India announced the launch of its state-of-the-art new store in
Chennai. Mr. Piyush Sheth, Distribution & Commercial Manager, ASUS INDIA and Mr. K Bhaskaran, Owner of the

store inaugurated the ASUS Exclusive Store today. The store is set to host an extensive range of electronics and
computer hardware, including the brand’s flagship products such as Zenbook Pro Duo, Zenbook, Zenbook-Flip,
Vivobook and Republic of Gamers (ROG) laptops. The brand’s new ASUS Exclusive Store is located at Vivin
Computers, No.29/3, GST Road, Kadaperi, Tamabram, Chennai, Tamilnadu 600045.
The new store launch is part of ASUS’ vision to expand its market presence across different market tiers, by opening
200 stores by 2020. The store will give users easy access to brand’s latest and flagship products. Interested
customers can simply walk in and experience the innovation-led all new products of ASUS, including Zenbook Pro
Duo, Vivobook, Zenbook, Zenbook-Flip, and Republic of Gamers (ROG) laptops.
Commenting on the store launch, Mr. Arnold Su, Business Head, Consumer, Commercial and Gaming PC, ASUS
India said, “We are extremely delighted to announce the launch of ASUS store in Chennai. Tamilnadu is an
important market for us, and the launch of the new AES is testimony to that. Since early 2019 we have been
aggressive on expanding our offline footprint and today we have more than 100 Asus Exclusive Stores across India
and are gunning for a double century by 2020. From our business strategy perspective offline growth is integral,
the kind of margins we pass and the cost structure we have, we are one of the most efficient brands in offline
retail. We have taken a lot of learnings from online and implemented in offline which has enabled us to receive
overwhelming response for the successfully operational ASUS Exclusive Stores and we hope to recreate the same
success story for this new store in 2020.”
In addition to ASUS Exclusive Stores, ASUS also has a strong customer connect through other large-format stores,
such as Reliance Digital and Croma. Contributing to its swelling retail network are a few thousand resellers spread
across 600 districts in India. Besides, the onsite service footprint of ASUS covers well over 20,000 pin codes in India.
In addition to offline connect; ASUS has actively collaborated with e-commerce platforms like Flipkart, Amazon and
Paytm Mall to reach out to ambitious users who wish to own the best of industry-leading cutting-end innovation.






“Celebrating Life” – An awareness initiative marking “World Cancer Day”
Chennai, 3
rd February 2020: GEM Hospital Chennai conducted an awareness program
observing World Cancer Day. An initiative titled “Celebrating Life”, intended to honour the
victors who successfully won their battle against cancer, was held. Rtn G. Chandramohan,
District Governor, Rotary International is the Chief Guest and Dr. Fazil Marickar, Dean,
Mount Zion Medical College, Adoor, Kerala was the Guest of Honour for the Occasion.
Around 50 patients gathered and shared their successful journey battling cancer and the
quality of life they are currently going through. As a part of the programme, GEM Hospital
Chennai honoured all the cancer survivors with a Privilege Card which entitles free
consultation and concession on investigations throughout their life journey.
Chief Guest of the occasion, Rtn.G.Chandramohan, District Governor, Rotary
International mentioned that, “I congratulate GEM Hospital for saving so many lives by not
only providing best treatments for the Cancer patients but also for the quality of life instilled
in each and every patient after recovery. In the current scenario Cancer is seen as a deadly
disease and there are patients who are scared to undergo the treatment because of the pain
and side effects they face during the process. But, these kind of programmes where a patient
shares his/her testimonials will really bring more courage and create awareness among the
public to face such situations bravely”.
Dr. Fazil Marickar, a reputed surgeon and Dean of Mount Zion medical college, Kerala
said that, “I am standing here as guest on this occasion was also a cancer patient a year ago. I
was diagnosed with Stage Four Advanced Colon Cancer with secondaries in liver, lungs &
abdominal cavity. Later I went through a successful laparoscopic surgery on 28th June 2019 at
GEM Hospital Chennai and now leading a healthy life. I am pleased to share my own battle
against Cancer and I hope that this will help to create awareness among the people that
Cancer is no more a deadly disease. We can overcome it if we approach right doctors at the
right time”.
Addressing the media Dr. C. Palanivelu, Founder, GEM Hospitals mentioned that, “We are
glad to honour all the cancer victors who successfully underwent surgery for various
gastrointestinal and uro-gynaecological malignancies treatment at our Chennai hospital in
the preceding one year, since the commencement of clinical services. Minimally invasive
treatment for gastrointestinal cancer, in comparison to conventional open surgery, offers
added advantages in terms of improved radicality & lymph node yield, lesser blood loss and
need for transfusion (owing to magnification), smaller scars, lesser pain, quicker return of
bowel function, faster discharge and earlier initiation of adjuvant chemotherapy. Apart from
the cancer treatments we also provide psychological support for each and every patient
to give them enough support and courage to go through the treatment process”.
Speaking about the availability of advanced cancer treatments at present, Dr. S. Asokan,
CEO, GEM Hospital Chennai said, “Lives of cancer patients are much better now with new
modalities of diagnostic and treatment like laparoscopy, robotic surgeries and endoscopic
procedures. The radiotherapy and chemotherapy also are witnessing enormous innovations
and improvements. It is not the same case two decades ago when Cancer is considered as a
more deadlier disease than it is perceived today. So, the advanced techniques in diagnosis
and treatment really augurs well for the patients by restoring or improving quality to life and
increasing the longevity!”
About GEM Hospitals:
GEM Hospital is India’s premier Gastroenterology and laparoscopic speciality
hospital. GEM Hospital has its presence in Coimbatore, Tirupur, Erode, Thrissur &
Chennai. Pioneering laparoscopic surgeon Dr. C. Palanivelu is the founder of GEM
Hospital. He was the first to introduce laparoscopic key hole surgery in south India. He
has been instrumental for development of many innovative techniques in laparoscopic
surgery and spreading laparoscopic surgery amongst the masses.
GEM Hospital focuses mainly on the treatment of gastrointestinal diseases (including GI
cancers, liver transplantation and obesity) and laparoscopic surgeries. GEM was the first to
include the concept of organ based specialization to provide much superior outcomes. This
includes specialities like Upper GI Surgery (Stomach & Oesophagus), Colorectal
Surgery (Small & large intestines), Hepatobiliary surgery (liver & pancreas),
Bariatric surgery (obesity & diabetes), Interventional endoscopy, Liver
transplantation etc. It also has advanced treatment facilities in the speciality including da
Vinci Robotic surgery, 4K/3D laparoscopy, Advanced Truebeam Radiotherapy,
Comprehensive Obesity and Liver transplant departments. GEM Hospital is also the only
hospital to perform liver transplant using the laparoscopic technique.





Chennai, January 30, 2020: On January 24, 2020, popular karate and archery expert,
Shihan Hussaini underwent a successful bilateral total knee replacement surgery at
MGM Healthcare, a super-specialty hospital in the heart of the city. The team of senior
surgeons at the Department of Orthopaedics, together with skilled anaesthetists and pain
management experts, rehabilitation therapists and nurses, ensured that Hussaini received
the best of comprehensive care offered at MGM to provide maximum benefits and
accelerated recovery.
Commenting on the procedure, Dr AB Govindaraj, Senior Consultant & Clinical Lead,
Orthopaedics, said, “The most common reason for a bilateral total knee replacement,
simply called double knee replacement, is severe arthritis that causes pain and stiffness in
both knees, which interferes with activities of daily living and significantly reducing one’s
quality of life. Stiffness can be significant, making simple tasks such as putting on one’s
shoes and socks very difficult. Pain is usually worsened with weight-bearing activities,
such as standing and walking. Arthritis of the knee is a progressive condition, worsening
with time. The ideal patient for a double knee replacement surgery would be a relatively
younger, healthier, non-obese individual with stiffness, pain and limitation of activities.
Shihan Hussaini, with his sportsman personality and fitness regime, fulfilled these criteria
and made the job easier for us.”
Dr Govindaraj is known to be one of the few doctors in Chennai who regularly performs
double knee replacement surgery on patients who suit the criteria rather than do one knee
at a time. “Same-day double knee replacement surgery is an established and proven
procedure that has given patients immense satisfaction by halving the recovery time and
reducing the overall cost significantly.” On account of surgical precision, advanced
technology and protocols, and his own willpower, Shihan Hussaini walked unaided Day 3
post-surgery; climbed up and down the stairs on Day 4 and even drove his car with the
lead surgeon in the passenger seat on Day 5, creating a world record of sorts.
Syed Ali Murtuza Hussaini, popularly known as Shihan Hussaini, needs no introduction. A
creator of unbelievable human endurance world records, he is known as the ‘Godfather of
Isshin-ryū Karate’ in India and the pioneer of modern archery in Tamil Nadu. Shihan
Hussaini is also India’s only disciple of Taekwondo’s founder Gen Choi Hong Hi. In
addition to his sportsman persona, he is also a professional sculptor and painter, a master
orator, a proactive volunteer and a new-age philosopher.
Speaking about his experience at MGM Healthcare, Shihan Hussaini said, “My life has
always been driven by the need to constantly be on the move and be physically active, ask
anyone who knows me. So, when I started facing problems with both my knees, it began
to take a toll of my activity level, although I continued to push myself harder and harder
each day to keep my students motivated. With this surgery, Dr AB Govindaraj and MGM
Healthcare have together given me new knees and a new lease of life. Having finished
both knee surgeries on the same day and immediately starting off on rehabilitation, it has
allowed me to recover faster and has motivated me to bounce back even harder. Driving a
car five days after surgery is a world record, as there is no record of an attempt like this
before. That was possible thanks to the great team that took good care of me.”
In a short span of 10 months, MGM Healthcare has completed nearly 150 knee
replacement surgeries, a majority of them being double knee replacements.
For more details on replacement/3D repair/re-balance of the knee, reach out to MGM
Healthcare at +91 44 4524 2424 or info@mgmhealthcare.in.

Aakash Educational Services Limited felicitates JEE MAINS 2020 meritorious students;🥇AM TV




Aakash Educational Services Limited (AESL), the national leader in
test preparation services, today felicitated meritorious students of JEE MAINS 2020 from the

various branches of Aakash Institute in Chennai. A total of 15 students were felicitated by AESL
Chairman and Managing Director, Mr J.C. Chaudhry, at a ceremony held at the Adyar branch of
Noticeably among the meritorious students is Sooraj Srinivasan, hailing from Chennai, who has
done the City and the Institute proud by securing 99.99 percentile at the prestigious JEE Mains
2020 examination.
Also 14 other students have got 98 percentile and above for JEE Mains 2020 from Chennai, an
impressive feat that speaks volumes of the Institute’s curriculum, training and faculty.
Out of the 14 students, four students secured 99 percentile and above, while the remaining
secured 98 percentile and above. The students who secured 99 percentile and above are Ishaan
Agarwal (99.80 percentile), Sharon A (99.55 percentile), Shivam Ruhil (99.23 percentile), and
Sonesh Kumar (99.02 percentile).
Congratulating the students and commenting on the impressive results, Mr J.C. Chaudhry,
Chairman and Managing Director, Aakash Educational Services Limited (AESL) said: “We are
proud that Sooraj Srinivasan secured a percentile of 99.99 and many others qualified JEE Mains
2020 with 98 percentile and above. It is the result of the hard work by the students and our
highly focussed study material, talented faculty, quality test assessments that has enabled them
to achieve this feat. Congratulations to all our students who have performed well in the JEE
Mains 2020 examination. I wish them all the best for their future endeavours.”

The students credited the outstanding performance to burning the
midnight oil and the excellent teaching and study material help provided
by Aakash experts.
JEE (Main) Examination for B.E./B.Tech. was conducted by NTA between 7th and 9th January
2020 in two shifts per day across 233 cities in the country and abroad. A total number of
9,21,261 candidates were registered for B.E. /B. Tech. in the exam.
Aakash Institute aims to help students in their quest to achieve academic success. It has a
centralized in-house process for curriculum and content development and faculty training and
monitoring, led by its National Academic Team. Over the years, students from AESL have shown
proven selection track record in various Medical & Engineering entrance exams and
competitive exams such as NTSE, KVPY, and Olympiads.

கோவையை தலைமையிடமாக கொண்டு இயங்கும் WORTH CONTROLS PVT LTD




கோவையை தலைமையிடமாக கொண்டு இயங்கும் WORTH CONTROLS PVT LTD நிறுவனம் கடந்த மூன்று வருடங்களாக SEEDS2OIL என்ற பெயரில் வீட்டிலேயே எண்ணெய் தயாரித்துக்கும் இயந்திரத்தை உருவாக்கி அதனை இந்தியா மற்றும் 15க்கும் மேற்பட்ட நாடுகளுக்கு

வினியோகஸ்தர்கள் மூலம் விற்பனை செய்து வருகிறது .இந்த இயந்திரத்தை கொண்டு வீட்டிலேயே கடலை எண்ணெய் , நல்லெண்ணெய் , தேங்காய் எண்ணெய் மற்றும் இதர எண்ணெய் வித்துக்களில் இருந்தும் எண்ணெய்களையும் தயாரித்துக் கொள்ளலாம் .இந்நிறுவனத்தில் புதியதாக SEEDS2OIL COMFORT வீடுகளில் பயன்படுத்தவும் வணிகமுறைக்காக SEEDS2OIL MEGA என்ற இயந்திரங்கள் இன்று அறிமுகப்படுத்தப்பட்டுள்ளது .