Rotary Club of Madras East gives Rs.37 lakhs towards infrastructure to   Sri Ramakrishna Math Vivekananda Centenary Girls HSS, Mint

The Rotary Club of Madras Eastdonated Rs.37 Lakhs to Sri Ramakrishna Math Vivekananda Centenary Girls HSS, Mint to build its infrastructure for the benefit of its students. Hon’ble Justice Dr Anita Sumanth, Judge Madras High Court and District Governor Rtn Babu Peramwere present at the handover ceremony held recently. This Global grant is implemented in association with Rotary Club of Irvine, CA, USA and The Rotary Foundation.

This project involves the following:

· Provision of a computer lab comprising 33 computers and air conditioners

· Energy saving lights and fans that are expected to bring down the power bill of the school.

· Dyslexia remediation training for the teachers.

· Improvement teaching methodologies in association with India Literacy Project (ILP).

Explaining about the project President RCME Dr.R M Narayanansaid “ROTE learning practices in traditional schooling system do not encourage experiential learning, nor foster creative thinking. Most children lack basic foundation in Science and Mathematics. Given the socioeconomic background, most often, families of the children are ill-equipped to provide necessary guidance for their education at home. Multi-Dimensional Learning Space (MDLS) administered by the NGO, India Literacy Project (ILP) ( is a program to improve learning levels, ensure experiential learning in schools and empower both students and teachers through support in class room interventions.

It is a during-school and after-school program that provides multi-dimensional learning opportunities for school children to explore, experiment, discover and learn in multiple ways. MDLS improves learning competencies and equips students with academic and life-skills. MDLS also provides students exposure to a wide variety of areas beyond the school curriculum. RCME club has an on-going arrangement with ILP to implement MDLS in schools identified by us. This project envisages implementation of MDLS in this school as well as in 3 other Government Schools (at places called Keelamanmedu, Thandurai and Vengal).

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