Brand Avatar and Naturals host the 3rd Edition of HOMEPRENEUR EXPO Chennai, 23rd November 2018

Brand Avatar, a brand and event management company in association with Naturals, India’s no. 1 hair and beauty salon today announced the 3rd edition of Homepreneur Expo, an exhibition organized by female entrepreneurs. The event was inaugurated at Savera Hotel by chief guest actress and social activists Ms. Kastoori. Also present were C K Kumravel – Title Sponsor, Homepreneur Expo and Co – Founder, Naturals, Hemachandran Logan – Founder CEO, Brand Avatar and Al Arafat – Organizing Committee Chairman, Homepreneur Awards. The expo will be a day affair with over 50 Homepreneur participating from across the state.

HOMEPRENEURS is a term coined for all women have taken up business, freelancing work in a small or medium scale, working from home and generating revenue. Conceptualized to recognize and encourage the remarkable work undertaken by women operating home run businesses, Homepreneur Expo has now grown into a well-established platform for women entrepreneurs to showcase their innovative and price competitive products & service. It also is an opportunity for these versatile women to network, share knowledge, attract investors, connect with B2B customers and hone their sales and marketing skills.

The event will showcase over 35 stalls exhibiting Handmade Skincare products, Packed Food, Baked Goods, Agro product, Medical/ HealthCare, Jewelry, Clothing, Tanjore Painting, Jute Bags and much more.

Commenting on the expo, C K Kumravel – Title Sponsor, Homepreneur Expo and Co – Founder, Naturals, said, “Women and Men are not equal, Women are better than Men. Homepreneurs is one example which proves the statement. From the challenges they faced, to how they overcome it and follow their passion beating all the odds is simply phenomenal. I am extremely delighted to have enabled the recognition of Homepreneurs and now to enable a platform to boost their marketing and sales.”

The expo will also host a special day long segment called Brewing with Shylaja hosted by Shylaja Chetlur the Managing trustee and Founder, Cinema Rendezvous and Proprietor at Wander Lust Travel Lounge. The session will include panel discussions, interactive talk sessions and much more. Eminent personalities and Celebrities would be gracing the occasion, new talents will be unearthed and social heroes who have contributed to the societies in various aspects will be honored and recognized.
The HOMEPRENEUR Awards aims to honor and encourage women who have started and are successfully running innovative home business against all odds.
Hemachandran Logan – Founder CEO, Brand Avatar said, “Homepreneur Awards created a big impact in the ecosystem. In our objective to motivate women working from home we have introduced the Homepreneur expo which will be a great platform for women Entrepreneurs who are working from home and creating exceptional products and services to exhibit them and build their brand name.”
Al Arafat – Organizing Committee Chairman, Homepreneur Awards said, “It is a humbling experience to get in touch with these women who have extraordinary talents and to see them pushing themselves to support their families and pursuing their passion in every way possible. This expo is the right place for all these women out there to increase their marketing abilities and sales. A wide range of products will be at the expo to amaze everyone. Don’t Believe Me, Come and Experience It.”

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