Shazé unveils its newest collection – Flawsome – in presence of Kiki Vijay on 21st February

Shazé unveils its newest collection – Flawsome – in presence of Kiki Vijay
on 21st February, 2019 at Palladium

Shazé unveiled its newest collection – Flawsome – in presence of Kiki Vijay on 21st February 21, 2019 at their Palladium store. The event was a glam affair that saw a good turnout of its regular patrons, fashionistas, socialites and bloggers.

The Flawsome collection – as the name suggests – is awesome because of its “flaws”. To be flawsome is to be human in all its glory and imperfections. The jewellery line is made up of norm defying earrings, statement necklaces, abstract cuffs and never before seen designs in rings

Crafted in collaboration with renowned blogger-stylist Masoom Minawala, popularly known as Miss Style Fiesta, we present to you an audacious range of high fashion jewellery. The Flawsome collection celebrates the tiniest nuances of every quirk innate to an individual which makes them stand out in their own right.

The designs incorporated in the Flawsome collection connote the rustic simplicity and the understated elegance which are usually neglected due the fallible nature. Each piece is a denouement of design ingenuity and the basic anomalies, resulting in unique and luxe statement jewelry. Plated in 18k gold every single piece is bound to leave the spectator in awe. Embrace your flaws with the Flawsome collection by Maoom Minawala X shazé!

About shazé:

Made for those who love to express sophistication through their living style, Shazé is the first-of-its-kind premium lifestyle brand in India. It boasts a lineup of art jewelry, perfume, scarves, watches, home and office decor, silverware and religious idols. The brand believes in the modern philosophy of celebrating true personality and encourages unique individualism. The world-class offerings of the brand have, thus, helped its consumers indulge in bold self-expression. The brand started its journey in 2001 from the Hughes Road showroom in Mumbai. Today, Shazé has 24 exclusive brand outlets that operate in prominent locations across 11 cities in India.

The products created by Shazé are known for their innovative and contemporary designs. The brand aims to engage in intelligent designs for all its products. Reimagining new products for customary lifestyle, the brand indulges in curating resources from different parts of the world. Among others, Shaze’s collaboration with the finest talents from across the world has provided truly timeless pieces in home décor and lifestyle space.

It aspires to become a global lifestyle brand that touches millions of lives from across the globe.

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