Revision Knee Arthoplasty: Dr A. Navaladi Shankar


Revision Knee Arthoplasty: Dr A. Navaladi Shankar

August 18th 2019: The incidence of knee arthritis among India’s is 15times higher than that in western nations. This is because of the genetic predisposition of Indians towards knee arthritis and a lifestyle that results in over use of the knee joints.

This was pointed out by Dr A.Navaladi Shankar, Sr,Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon head of the department, Apollo Hospitals Chennai, who on an average conducts 300 total knee replacement surgery every year for past twenty two years

Being the India’s foremost Orthopaedic Surgeons, he was speaking at Revision Knee arthoplasty meet held at Chennai on Aug 18th.Dr.A.Navaladi Shankar said: Tremendous advancements have been made in joint replacements in India in the last 15 yrs, yet the unmet demands remains huge. Like people who had already undergone primary knee replacement surgeries when it fails

Why are total knee arthroplasty failing today is related to instability, mal alignment, mal position, Failure of fixation, implant loosening osteoporosis.

We need to do revision knee replacement to get them back to normal life Apollo hospital has been equipped with various interdisciplinary facilities laminar flow theatre separate Joint replacement wards, Modern Equipment, Intensive care unit, Geriatric facility experience surgeons to perform complex revision knee replacement surgery.

Knee replacements involve much lower infection rates and shorter hospital stays. Knee arthritis is expected to emerge as the top most common cause in physical disability in India in the next one decade. The most common arthritis is related to wear and tear of cartilage and can affect any joint. The average age of onset knee problem for men is 60 yrs and women 50yrs. The reason behind this is obesity and poor nutrition.

Said Dr A.Navaladi Shankar: “total knee replacement is a very successful procedure which is more than half a century old” it has 95% successful rate and has changed the quality of patients. Many new developments I. Knee arthoplasty such as patient specific instruments, gender specific knees, minimally invasive surgical techniques and the use of high end computers to conduct total knee replacement. Nothing can currently replace the experience and skill of the surgeons in achieving a good knee replacement and giving the patient maximum benefit.

Dr A.Navaladi Shankar also spoke about the early symptoms of degenerative arthritis, treatment options and prevention. Pain and stiffness in any joint as well as noisy joints during repetitive moves is an early symptom of arthritis. For treating early stage arthritis medicines like safe analgesics, indra articulation injections, and physiotherapy are used. The food they eat should also be rich in protein, calcium and antioxidants derived from dairy products, Seasonal fruits and vegetables.

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