VENUE: Solai Hall, Saveetha Medical College & Hospital Considering the need for high-end medical services for people living and working in the industrial belt of Chennai on NH 48, Saveetha Medical Center was inaugurated this morning by Union Minister for Health & Family Welfare, Mr. Jagat Prakash Nadda at Saveetha Medical College & Hospital. Saveetha Medical Center is envisaged as a Super Specialty healthcare facility with the latest in technology, well trained professionals and focusing on ethics & empathy.Dr. N.M. Veeraiyan – Chancellor, Saveetha University declared the commitment of the institutions to make high quality and affordable healthcare available to all sections of the society. He reminded the audience about the Guinness World Record that Saveetha Medical College & Hospital holds for training 30,000 people (the maximum number) in CPR. He informed the Hon’ble Minister about ‘Save a Life’ movement, through which we plan to impart CPR training to 1,00,000 people this year. The aim of the movement would be to impart CPR training to atleast one person in each of the families living in the vicinity. He said that the launch of Saveetha Medical Center is a reiteration of our commitment to be the best center for all-round and holistic healthcare. Speaking on the occasion, Hon’ble Union Minister for Health & Family Welfare, Mr. Jagat Prakash Nadda congratulated Saveetha Medical College & Hospital for the inauguration of Saveetha Medical Center. He appreciated Saveetha’s initiatives such as ‘Save a Life’ movement and providing dialysis at Rs.800 for poor patients. Hon’ble Minister informed the audience about the launch of Pradhan Mantri Dialysis Yojana, through which Government will be collaborating with private institutions for providing free dialysis service to people with BPL card. He said that the scale at which Government is providing healthcare services to 1.25 Crore people is unrivaled when compared to efforts made by other countries. He mentioned that despite all odds, we have successfully eradicated polio and our response for important health-related contingencies such as Ebola, immunizations, etc. has been steadfast. About Us An alumnus of Madras Medical College, our Chancellor Dr. N. M. Veeraiyan, graduated in Dentistry in the year 1970 and established a 100 bedded multi-specialty hospital in 1977. Due to his vision and ambition to impart quality education, he started Saveetha Dental College & Hospital in the year 1988. The journey thus begun has resulted in the establishment of Saveetha University in 2005 and Saveetha Medical College & Hospital in 2008. Saveetha Medical College & Hospital has a 1000 bedded facility where more than Ten Lakhs patients from all  over Tamil Nadu have already received top class medical treatment at very affordable rates. On a daily basis, our Emergency Unit administers treatment to 80 – 100 patients for trauma, Road Traffic Accidents, industrial injuries, etc.

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