Two Day International Symposium on “Artificial Intelligence- The Future Disruptive Technology” conducted on 6th& 7th November 2017

B.S. Abdur Rahman Crescent University has organized a Two day International Symposium on
“Artificial Intelligence – The Future Disruptive Technology” during 6th and 7th November 2017.
The Symposium had speakers from leading Industries and Academia throwing light on various
aspects of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Artificial Intelligence is emerging back
as a definite subject having an impact on all facets of life and is an Intelligent Behavior in
Artifacts. AI is related to Psychology, Cognition, and Behavioral Science.
The International Symposium on “Artificial Intelligence – The Future Disruptive
Technology” had Prof Scott E Fahlman, Senior Researcher, Carnegie Mellon University, USA
as the Keynote Speaker and he conducted a Panel discussion on the impact of AI on the Modern
Society along with eminent academicians and industrialists.
Scott E. Fahlmanis presently working as Professor Emeritus in Language Technologies Institute
and Department of Computer Science, Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh. His research
interest includes Artificial Intelligence and its applications, especially knowledge representation
and reasoning, planning, natural language understanding and generation. He has contributed
towards Machine learning, including knowledge-based symbolic/conceptual learning and deep
learning in artificial neural networks. He is a fellow of the American Association for Artificial
Intelligence (AAAI). He has been awarded the most prestigious award, Outstanding Technology
Contributions Award by the Web Intelligence Consortium in 2013. He has to his credit the
Quora Top Writer from 2016 onwards.
A series of lectures was delivered by eminent people on both days of the International
Symposium. Prof Scott delivered a Key note lecture on “Introduction to AI and the possibilities
that exist”and on “Neural Networks and Deep Learning”. Mr. Dileep Parachuri, Programme
Manager – Intel, Bangalore has given a lecture on “Emerging trends in power supply
management and enhancing the customer experience with IoT solutions”. Mr.Athif Shah –

Chairman and Managing Director – ABE Semiconductors Private Limited delivered a
lecture on the topic “Machine learning on Heterogeneous Architecture” and Mr. Ananth
Mani, Founder – Report Bee will discuss about “Use of Artificial Intelligence in
In continuation of day1, the series of lectures on day2 included a discussion on –“Technology
Waves – How to cope” by Mr.S. Manikandan, Executive Coach, Mentor-at-large and
Startup adviser. Dr. Vidhya Durai, Director – Training and Development, iNautix shared
about the opportunities for students in AI and Machine Learning. A lecture on “- Digital
Transformation” was given by Mr. Mohammed Ibrahim, Director- Mecsons Consulting.
Mr.ParvezKokan, Co Founder – ShopperKraftVR, USA shared his knowledge on
“Artificial Intelligence and VR”. Mr. Vijay Karunakaran, Founder& CEO- InGage
Technologies Pvt Ltd had a discussion with research scholars, faculty and students about
the developments in AI.
The symposium had a panel discussion on the “Impact of Artificial Intelligence on the
Modern Day Soceity” chaired by Scott E. Fahlman. The panel of experts includes Mr.
Raadhesh, CEO, Gurukool .com, Mr. Srinivasan Kumarappan, Director QEA, CTS, Mr. GS
Nathan, GM Wipro, Dr. HR Mohan, VP, Hindu and IEEE and Mr. Vijay Karunakaran, Founder –
CEO, InGage Tech Pvt Ltd.

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