L&T to Train Rural Women in Welding Technology

L&T to Train Rural Women in Welding Technology


The first batch to get skilled in a traditionally male-dominated workspace

L&T’s Vadodara Heavy Engineering Works (VHEW), has launched a unique initiative to train rural women students in welding technology. The first batch of young students will begin their skill development journey in this traditionally male-dominated workspace.

It is a unique program initiated around International Women’s Day 2020 to enhance the technical skillsets of women students from socially and economically underprivileged sections.

On this occasion, Mr Y. S. Trivedi, Senior Vice President and Head, Heavy Engineering, L&T commented: “L&T is known for best-in-class welding technology and talent for manufacturing most complex of heavy machinery, process plant equipment and nuclear systems. In line with the theme for International Women’s Day 2020 this technical curriculum will provide equal opportunities to young women for the enabled world.”

“While welding isn’t a traditional occupation for women, it will be a defining moment for the first batch of nine young women to be able to fulfil their dream of getting into the highly-specialised and remunerative industrial occupation. We plan to expand this program in future, basis learnings on the progress of the first batch,” added Mr Trivedi.

Vivekanand Institute of Vocational & Entrepreneurial Competence (VIVEC), run by Shroff Foundation Trust (SFT), is an NGO partner in this CSR initiative.

The training curriculum is designed keeping in view the practical situations in the industry and will be mentored by senior management from the VHEW facility. Apart from honing their skills on welding, these students will be groomed for personal development with 32 modules such as computer learning, spoken English, Yoga etc.

After the successful completion of their training, the women will be awarded a certificate from L&T and SFT. These women students will have the liberty to explore the opportunity to undergo further training at L&T’s workshops at VHEW, subject to meeting eligibility criteria under the company training schemes.

The VHEW is a specialised facility for manufacturing equipment and systems that involves exotic metals and advanced composite materials. The VHEW facility serves Process plant, Nuclear, Defence and Aerospace industries. Its strength lies in a highly skilled workforce and adaptation of innovative manufacturing methods and processes. A wide variety of complex and sophisticated welding processes are carried out at VHEW including submerged arc, gas tungsten arc welding (GTAW), gas metal arc welding (GMAW), automatic tube-to-tube sheet welding, automatic nozzle welding, and resistance spot welding, etc. VHEW is the only facility in India that exports nuclear systems to the USA.



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